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There are many reasons to choose Sea Change Preparatory for your child. We are a private school that offers the following:

Character development that transforms the life of each student
A highly individualized learning plan customized for each student
A very low student to teacher ratio providing a high level of one-to-one attention
A physically and emotionally safe, secure, learning environment
An enriched academic curriculum
For more information or to schedule a school tour, call us at 858-829-5366

How to Apply

Here are the steps for application to our school:


Contact the school by telephone at 858-829-5366 or via the Contact Us form and request a school visit.


The Sea Change admissions director will contact you to exchange further information, determine which student records will be needed to support your application, and schedule a tour.


Submit the requested records to the school.


Visit the school, meet the students and staff. Staff will evaluate the student and family’s needs and determine whether Sea Change has the resources to meet those needs.


If desired, apply for the Tuition Assistance Program.

Sea Change

Sea Change has a scalable tuition model that matches your financial capacity with the cost of tuition.

Sea Change has a scalable tuition model that matches your financial capacity with the cost of tuition.

The scalable tuition structure allows Sea Change to make its extraordinary program affordable to many more families. Sea Change uses an independent financial consultant, SSS, in order to provide the applicant for its scalable tuition program with confidentiality and third party objectivity. Scalable tuition applications may be obtained through SSS at any time. (Click on the button at the bottom of this page to get started.)


Scalable tuition is supported through yearly fundraising in conjunction with the recommendation of SSS, and at the discretion of Sea Change. The SSS application must be completed in its entirety along with the processing fee as required by SSS. Sea Change does not receive your personal financial information. The family applying for scalable tuition must have registered their child before having their tuition scaled accordingly.

Annually families whose tuition is scaled must re-submit to SSS to set the subsequent year’s scalable tuition level.

For more information on fees please contact Sea Change at 858-829-5366

Sea Change Preparatory Annual Tuition

$22,500  – Elementary and Middle School

$24,500 – High School

$250 – New Student Application Fee