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Aspiring To Be Your Best

            One of our core values here at Sea Change is “Aspiring To Be Your Best.” This core value is something we cultivate in our students, and also guides us in what we do each day as we go about our day to day work at the school.  In a real sense, it means that everything we do matters, and that each day we cultivate an attitude of being a little better in each dimension of our life.

            So with academics, we encourage an attitude of doing the best we can at that math problem, that science experiment, or whatever project in whatever  subject we are doing.

            And with swimming, we see if we can better our stroke, or improve our distance, or face the waves with more confidence than the day before.

            With our relationships with others, can we be kinder, more helpful and more gentle with the other students (or with our siblings).

            Another way to think about it is we try to bring an attitude of constant improvement to our lives.

            How does mindfulness fit into this endeavor?

            Mindfulness allows us to pay attention to our experience, without judgment, and realize that this attitude–this value–is important in and of itself, even when we fall short on a particular activity on a particular day.  So when on this particular day we actually do not do the math problem better, or swim farther, or behave just the way we want, we need not get discouraged. Mindfulness allows us to realize that these are just learning experiences along the way, and represent opportunities to develop our skills in each area. And we will have a chance tomorrow to put forth maximum effort at the task, and will be the better for it.

            We encourage a mindful approach to goals. Which is that it is very important to have them, even more important that you try as hard as you can to reach them, but also that when you don’t reach your goal on a particular day it’s not something to beat yourself up about, but rather to use as an encouragement to try again the next day.

            Having an attitude of constant improvement for its own sake—aspiring to be your best—is a worthy goal in and of itself.


John - Director Of Mindfulness


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