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Mindfulness, Fear, Worry and Anxiety (Part 2) In the last post I talked about how fear is both an instinct and an emotion, and is something which we can’t do away with (nor should we want to). The question is how do we make it work in support of our happiness, and not be the cause of our suffering.   And of course how can mindfulness help in that effort. Let’s start by investigating a bit 
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Sea Change Preparatory offers individualized academics, top physical education program and more By Sebastian Montes   The story of how Sea Change Preparatory landed in Del Mar shouldn’t have been possible. It was mid-August, and the Arch Academy’s lease in Kearney Mesa — the small private school’s home for 12 years — had lapsed. Two months of desperate searching by a trio of real estate agents had turned up no leads for the school’s two dozen 
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One quality we try to foster at Sea Change is humility–in everyone involved in the school, whether it be student, teacher, staff or board member. What does humility mean and why do we foster it? Many common definitions talk about having a low opinion of yourself–and that is not what we mean at all. To me, humility is the quality of being mindfully respectful of others. It is the opposite of being entitled, aggressive, arrogant, 
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