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Aspiring To Be Your Best             One of our core values here at Sea Change is “Aspiring To Be Your Best.” This core value is something we cultivate in our students, and also guides us in what we do each day as we go about our day to day work at the school.  In a real sense, it means that everything we do matters, and that each day we cultivate an attitude of being a 
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Courage                At Sea Change we believe it is important to embrace and develop core values. We believe that is a key part of what an educational institution is all about. Moreover, we believe values can be cultivated, and it is a job of a school to do so.                One of the core values we aspire to develop at Sea Change is courage. Courage can be defined as the strength to choose the path 
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Turning Towards Difficulty Our culture often promotes a tendency to turn away–to avoid–difficult tasks or situations. And to be fair, people have a bit of a built in tendency to avoid the hard and choose that which is easy. We all have a bit of a bias towards doing what is comfortable and familiar, rather than turning towards the challenging, difficult or new. But sometimes the more challenging or difficult thing is exactly what will 
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