7 Key Pillars of
Sea Change Prep

Transforming and Empowering Each Student

A Private Micro- School Serving Grades 4 - 12

Small by design, Sea Change provides an enriched, individualized education which combines top-quality proven academics with inspiring physical education and spans the classroom to the child’s home. We provide each child a personalized experience which explores their own creativity, enhances their strengths, turns their challenges into assets, and builds tremendous self-confidence.

Benefits of Our Micro-School

Safe and Secure Environment

Collaborative And Relationship Driven

Hands On Project-Based Learning

Cross Aged Learning and Peer Mentorship

Direct One on One Teaching Along With Socratic Method

Deeper Understanding of Curriculum Creates Mastery Over Each Subject

Global Travel Creates Responsible World Citizens

What Parents and Students are Saying

Sea Change Prep at a Glance…

School Accreditations

Recent Graduate Acceptances

NYU (Tisch Film School)


Boston University

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

The Ohio State University

University of Michigan

U.C Berkeley

U.C. Davis

U.C. San Diego

U.C. Santa Barbara

U.C. Santa Cruz

Dear Parents and Students

After working in private education for over 20 years, I am pleased and privileged to welcome you into the educational experience and legacy of Sea Change Preparatory!

A “sea change” is commonly defined as a fundamental positive transformation—the kind of rich and rapid metamorphosis brought upon by the sea when the term was first used by Shakespeare in the Tempest. The name was chosen for our new school because it fits what we do perfectly—transform each student to empower him or her to achieve their very best in all dimensions of their life.

In the most practical sense, it is essential that all Sea Change students be prepared for success in both the public and private sectors. We find this is best ensured through an inclusive and creative learning environment that pairs a study of emerging technologies and industries with the critical analysis at the heart of classic liberal arts programs. We utilize the Socratic method to unearth the intricacies of both historical trends and modern day politics.


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